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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer KU 2012 is Launched

After our two week break we launched our Summer KU program right on Schedule on Monday morning.

 Out on our trip -- T & I put lesson plans together for the first month and talked about objectives -- there were so many unknowns   -- how many kids? -- how many interns? --Will we have more than we can carefully manage or none?  Plans with Remington never did materialize.  We knew that with God we were going to have to "grow our own"group.

I hardly slept Sunday night wondering how it would go -- but T kept saying we just start small -- and get it going.
I prayed -- "God only send what we can manage right now."

We do want the kids to grow in God this summer while we're about watching our garden grow. Arissa helped create a Rap from  Luke 2:52 the way that Jesus grew. -- 

That's the way we want our KU kids to grow.  .  .  wisdom (academically)  stature (physically with exercise, lots of sunlight and good nutrition from the garden), favor with God (spiritually) and man (social and communication skills as well as conflict resolution).

I was rather "road weary" and my heart was with helping Bethany and Mat on moving day -- but I also wanted to help Terry get KU  off to a good start.

On vacation--there was a verse posted on a former student's FB status that leaped off the page at me --

                                  Before they call I will answer;
          while they are still speaking I will hear. Isa. 65:24

Sunday night it rained and rained -- oh great - -yes our plants needed the rain -- but the garden was MUD on Monday morning.
BUT GOD  is all about working things out ---
That morning we insisted that Campbell go with us as the movers unloaded Bethany and Mat's furniture at their new house. C and Arissa helped us launch KU - Nick, a TCC intern, who is a sociology major and has worked with our Remington kids, came for his first day of orientation and the morning was all about getting things organized.                                                                                                   
Arissa loved being with C and seemed to thrive on being the "star" pupil. One friend joked that by Wednesday she could be the "valedictorian" of her class!
A spelling game with the ipad

Jessica, a child development major from the University of Arkansas, joined us on Wednesday and we planned curriculum and got to garden finally. She's going to be with us MWF and the kids adore her!

Our Thursday night KU swelled to a dozen or so kids and Arissa taught them "tool rules" and kept asking to help with the younger ones.  She's all about being a leader now and learning communication skills.  Two more interns from TCC joined us and we filled up two garden plots. The kids LOVE their kid-size shovels and rakes from our garden grants.

 We grew this week and so did our plants -- Arissa  found two little girls who had just moved to the apartment complex and invited them --  Anjanae, her sister, joined us also.

Yesterday we planted corn and  pumpkins -- we're planning on a BIG pumpkin patch come Fall.   We got to celebrate our first week with a hot dog roast and water spray down!!!  Only our God could have made this week what it was!!!
We are planning Fantastic Fridays to wrap up each week!

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