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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I looked back through my most recent blogs and they were all about Campbell Hope.  Only because we have gotten to see her LOTS this Fall!!!  So with a few days off for Fall Break -- guess where we headed!!!

This weekend we got to keep C  overnight while Mommy and Daddy went with their friends to the OSU game.She had changed so much in just a few short days -- she repeats EVERYTHING you say -- and understands it ALL!   Holding her sleeping in my arms at Church this morning -- looking at that those cherub cheeks --- she looked just like her mommy 31 years ago.
While Momma was busy packing, I just boxed myself up for the trip to Tulsa

Campbell figured out this ice chest could get her up to all sorts of places -- I found her standing on it right in front of the stovetop --

Forget my baby doll -- I want to ride in this stroller.
Teaching Papa about Daddy's ipad.

Campbell now helps in the kitchen
She thought the banana muffins needed some help.

We wore her out this weekend and she slept through most of Pappa's sermon

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