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Friday, September 16, 2011

A Whole Lotta Love Under This Roof

Our granddaughter and daughter are sleeping upstairs -- my downstairs bedrooms are full with special friends who are with us for a while. It's been an awesome week -- a God-special kind of one -- There's been so much laughter -- so much love -- making so many memories. .  . I fell asleep the other night thinking -- There's a whole lotta love under this roof!

Lots of special times . . . and Campbell was at the heart of them all.

Listening to Papa preach on Sunday

Why not forget the child-proof gate and come up the side bannister?
Campbell's a busy gal right now -- her world is full of wonders to be explored!

We all follow her through the house -- close behind her up the stairs -- steadying her down them-- pulling her down from the couch and kiddie table top so she won't fall -- - steadying her so she doesn't bust her head standing on top of the kiddie chair . . .

hmmmm "wonder what this car seat is doing in this box
Perfect fit -- I'll just sit a spell

And of course -- there are lots of wagon rides!!! Campbell proudly stands in the wagon like she's in a parade..

She's really taken to the Washingtons and even though she was exhausted yesterday --she still thrilled at Jeremy blowing bubbles for her-- and was fascinated with Niia's building block project --

It was special last night at supper, listening to Jeremy's special prayer thanking God for Campbell and our big family and having him come in from football practice looking for those chocolate chip cookies Bethany made earlier.
"See my favorite duckie, Niia -- It's from my great-Uncle Ward"

We love hearing Niia's giggles as she relates parts of her newest find from the library, 101 Ways to Annoy Your Parents

It's a treasure to watch Bethany carefully meet all her baby's needs -- being patient -- calming fears-- soothing feelings -- keeping her secure.
Papa thrills with every new antic --  making up games and stories just like he used to for our kids -- turning our upstairs bedroom into a zoo.

We're looking forward to Campbell's first meeting with her great Uncle Allen and Aunt Sandy on Sunday night.

Yep--to these empty nesters, this house feels like home again -- full to the brim!!!

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