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Saturday, January 9, 2010

'Commands His Angels Concerning You . . .

We were between guests and I was rushing to get the Christmas decorations packed away, since I could then get through the guest bedroom which leads to the attic. My neice and her new husband were coming through to spend the night last night and the house was so badly in need of deep cleaning - I'd finished the vacuuming earlier and had only one more box to take upstairs. I was really gonna' get the house in great shape before Chelle and Michael arrived about bedtime.

Then the unexpected -- as I was rearranging my Christmas stash in the corner of the attic, I stepped back and found myself dangling between the attic floor and the garage below.

All sorts of things came to my mind --
"WHEW, I'm not going all the way through - - -
"Oh no, this is my only pair of jeans and they're ripping on that nail that is holding me."
"Why didn't I bring my cell phone up here with me?"
"Wonder if I broke this hip? -- that will really change my next few weeks!"
"How am I gonna get my other leg untwisted to hoist me up?"
"Wonder if I can walk and get myself downstairs."

My left leg kept me from going on through and when I stood up both legs would still work. . . so I headed for an icebag and decided to stay put until my man got home.

Terry drove into the garage about 15 minutes later - saw all the broken dry wall hanging and the huge gaping hole and thought I had landed in the garage. He rushed in the door hollering, "Are you all right?"

I have to say -- after only 1 1/2 short hours in the ER at St. Francis -- nothing was broken, just a big bump on my upper thigh and a bruise that has become the size of the state of Montanna.

When all was over and we were headed out of the ER, Terry's favorite line for the whole thing was "you always have been able to bring down the house".
I'll let him have one corny line after all he did to take great care of me! :)

When Michael and Chelle arrived and went to the garage for something to drink, he came back and said that judging by all he saw in our garage I'd have really hurt myself if I'd gone through. . . a choice of landing in the plastic recyclables can, snagging myself on the gas-powered weedeater, or landing on the church's lawn mower.

All sorts of lessons I learned yesterday --
> Listen to my husband, he told me he'd help get the Christmas decorations to the attic.
>Slow down, take my cell phone and wait until someone is in the house if I'm going to the attic.

It's amazing how many scriptures on falling were in my quiet time this morning--
thankfully, nothing about being an independent eager beaver that won't wait for help -- I was relieved to see.

He will command his angels concerning you - -

My favorite -- "Even to your old age and gray hairs, I AM HE who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you . . . I will rescue you. Isa 46:4

This gray haired lady better stay off the rafters -- Thank you Lord, for no broken bones!

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